Farfalle Pasta with Pesto & Garden Vegetable salad

500 Gr. Farfalle giganti (large ones)
5 Tablespoons Fresh Pesto
1/2 cucumber finely chopped in small cubes
2 Scallions finely sliced
4 Radish finely sliced
2 Celery branches finely chopped
6-8 Black olives finely sliced
Salt & Pepper to taste

Prepare your vegetables and cut them the same size.
Cook the pasta according to manufacturers instructions – about 7-8 minutes for high quality ones.
Once cooked, drain the pasta and immediately stir in the pesto and mix well. This will coat the pasta and keep them oily. Let the pasta cool off covered and once cooled, stir in all the chopped vegetables.
Mix well until all combined.
Keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

This is a jewel of a recipe. If you have great quality pesto… keep it preciously in the freezer. I learned this tip from Chef Vito Mollica’s mother-in-law who of course, makes her own and freezes it in ice cube containers. She pulls out a few portions when needed. I have kept some in the freezer for several months and it keeps very well. You can put them in vegetable soups for a rich bouillon along with a piece of parmesan, or in a risotto and of course any pasta.
The next thing of course is the pasta quality. Buy the best quality you can afford as it goes a long way and does make the dish. As for vegetables, use whatever you have at hand and you improvise according to your taste.

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