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A passionate cook – Oh, I wish I had started this blog a long time ago ! When I think of all the dinners we prepared for family and friends over the years and all the experiments with various ingredients, this would be a huge repertoire of recipes.

Always fascinated by the chemistry of baking, I am ever amazed that a few simple ingredients can become delicacies for the pleasure of many.
I also love to use spices that take you on a culinary journey with endless possibilities. An equally fervent traveller, I enjoy discovering new flavours, dishes and techniques I learn on these trips and try to replicate them at home.
My goal is to make each dish, as close as possible to a restaurant quality, without the fuss and present a perfectly executed and flavourful dish.
In this blog, I have included tried and tested recipes for busy people who do not want to spend their entire day in the kitchen.
Stay tuned, as I am just starting and look forward to sharing some of my upcoming recipes; the list is long.

This blog is also for my daughter, who is just starting in the kitchen and for friends who are looking for inspiration.
” People who love to eat, are always the best people ” Julia Child.

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