Côte de Boeuf (for a Crowd)

For 17 People

Well… it starts with a Roast prepared by one of the best Butchers in Montreal; Boucherie Belanger. A group of professionals who have been in the business for generations.

We get a piece of meat which has been aged for about 3 weeks. This year, it weights about 7.4 Kg.

The butcher prepares it with the bones and ensures a good lawyer of fat is added on top of the roast. If not, you can add about 2 ounces – 50 Gr. of Vegetable shortening
Otherwise, here are the ingredients –

1 Stick Butter at room temperature ( 4 oz ) – 113 Gr.
5 Tablespoons Dry Mustard
3 Cups of strong Tea – The purists would go for Salada tea, but we used Marks & Spencer Gold tea with great success.

– The morning of …. Remove the beef from the fridge and let it come to room temperature; usually 2 hours

– First, preheat your oven at 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

– Cover the Roastbeef with a good coat of butter which should be warm enough and easy to spread on top of the meat.

– Sprinkle the dry mustard and cover the top of the roast, as well as both ends.

– Bake the roast for a good 30 minutes at high temperature (450 Degrees Fahrenheit)

– Pour about 1 cup of tea over the meat

– Reduce the heat to 350 Fahrenheit and cook the meat until an inserted thermometer reads 120 Fahrenheit; about 15 minutes, per pound.

– 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time, pour about 2 cups of tea over the roastbeef

– Remove the beef and cover with a lid and let the meat rest for a good 30 minutes.

That’s it, that simple, that good !!!

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