Minced Pork Fried Rice

Simple… whenever you make steamed rice… double the recipe and use the leftover the following day for a succulent fried rice, using whatever you have in the fridge !

500 Gr. minced pork (I use the leftover pork filling from my dumpling recipe and freeze them for a weeknight stir fry or fried rice.)
3 Tablespoon Canola Oil
1/2 Onion cut in half and thinly sliced
2 Cups Cooked Jasmine Rice
2 Eggs
2 Scallions finely chopped

1 Large Carrot grated
3 Tablespoon Soja Sauce
1/4 Cup fresh Cilantro

In a very hot pan or a wok, pour the Canola Oil and when very hot, pour the onions and saute until slightly brown on the edges. Add the grated carrot. Do the same with the minced pork. Once cooked, break 2 eggs in a bowl, mix well and pour in with the meat and cook rapidly, ensuring you rotate all the ingredients.

Include the Jasmine rice and saute, whilst breaking the lumps.
Pour the Soja sauce, the chopped scallions and the cilantro and serve immediately !
You can use whatever leftover vegetable you may have – frozen corn or frozen peas work wonderfully.

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