Red Pepper Jelly

Addictive it is… sweet, sour and spicy, it is such a wonderful treat. We always keep a jar in the fridge. You never know when Royalty will stop by or when last minute visitors pop in for a drink… Simply spread some cheese, cream cheese works beautifully, on a cracker and a dollop of this spicy jam. I have to give credit to my friend Joan Cardy’s mother who, at a Christmas party gave me a jar with some crackers as a gift. Such a random act of kindness that always stayed with me. Since then, I have been making this beautiful concoction for the delight of many. I used to make batches of jars for friends and family and I know my Red Pepper Jelly is famous around the world ! It normally takes a long time to prepare, but I found some shortcuts using a mixer with a blade and can now prepare them in no time. This version uses less sugar than a normal jam as I use a Dr. Oetker 2 for 1 powder. It allows to reduce the amount of sugar considerably and can make the jam quite thick in a very short time.
Ideal food for any cocktail, simple, economical, yet tasty and easy to prepare.
We make large batches of this addictive condiment.
They often travel the world !
We know Christmas is coming … when Red Peppers are in Season.

3 Large Red Pepper finely chopped (I use a robot with a blade)
1 Large Red Onion finely chopped (Using a robot with a blade)
1 1/2 Teaspoon salt
2 Cups of Caster Sugar
1 1/4 Cup of Vinegar (White one is preferable)
1/2 Cup of fresh lemon juice (equivalent of 2 large lemons)
8 Cloves
2 Large Teaspoon of Red Chilli flakes
2 Envelopes of Dr. Oetker Gelfix 2 for 1 –
Can can also use a bottle of Pectin (170 ml)

Chop all the vegetables using a robot or electric cutter. Cover the vegetables with salt and transfer on a colander. Let the vegetables rest overnight, room temperature, covered with a tea towel. I usually place them in the oven, so the smell does not permeate throughout the house.
The red peppers will render their liquid, especially with the addition of the salt.
The following day, in a large saucepan put all the ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes, at medium heat, until the peppers are cooked through, making sure you mix well, on a regular basis. Pour the pectin in the mixture and cook for a further 1 minutes.
Pour the jelly in small jars and seal properly.
Great with cocktails – Snack –
Simply use water crackers with a smear of cream cheese and pour a small dollop of the jelly – Addictive !
The mixture should have the consistency of a very thick jam.

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