White Asparagus, Beurre Blanc Sauce

They are finally here – We know when they arrive that spring is just around the corner.
Simply steamed, served with a beurre blanc sauce or Hollandaise sauce is the best way to enjoy them. In Germany, they are often served with steamed potatoes and a slice of ham. Served with a glass of Gruner Vertliner… a wonderful lunch idea.

Half Kilo of white asparagus – Peel the bottom part of each one, as it tends to be hard to eat – We attach them together with a small string and boil them for a few minutes, until a knife pierce through easily.
You can also use a steamer and cook them for a few minutes as well.

1 Small french shallot cut very finely
1/2 cup of White Wine
1/4 cup of white wine vinegar
200 gr. unsalted butter

Easy enough – the success lies in ensuring the butter is cut in small pieces and kept in the fridge until the very last minute.

Boil the shallot with the wine and vinegar at medium boil, until there is literally the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of liquid left.
At this time, using a small whisk and with a continuous movement, use all the butter in small doses, making sure you whisk rapidly with each addition. You will see the sauce will become paler and thicker with the addition of more butter.
The sauce should be thick and cover the back of a spoon.
Keep in serving cup / over some hot water, until you are ready to serve.
Garnish with minced chives. UN DELICE !!!

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