Cod Fillet Poached in White Wine, Sauce Bercy

A most elegant dish, which you could present in any Michelin starred establishment.
An old French Classic, the simplicity and balance of all ingredients, make it very unique.

Serves 2
2 Cod fillets without the skin
1 Small minced shallot
4 Tablespoons of Dry white Wine
3/4 Cup Fish broth – Vegetable broth will work as well
Salt & Pepper to taste
Butter to cover the base of the saucepan
80 Gr. Cold Butter for the sauce
Handful of Chopped Chives

In a medium saucepan, brush a little bit of butter at the bottom and sides, to prevent the fish from sticking.
Place your fillets at the bottom and add the chopped shallots. Cover the fillets with the white wine and fish stock.
Cover the fish with a piece of parchment, to contain the steam when the liquid starts to boil and evaporate.
Cook at a soft boil for 3 minutes. If you have larger fillets, add another minute.
Remove the fish fillets and set aside whilst you are making the sauce. Cover the fish with aluminum to keep warm.
Cook the liquid at a medium boil, for 2 minutes and reduce it a little bit.
Add the butter in two times and swirl the pan. The action will melt the butter and thicken the sauce somewhat. Add the chives and mix well.
The sauce should have a cream-like texture.
Serve a fillet on each plate and pour some of the sauce.
Garnish with a little more fresh chives to give it a fresh crisp look and taste.

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