Oeuf à La Meurette

Serves 4 persons

8 Eggs
150 Gr. Lardons or Pancetta (do not use bacon, as it tends to be quite smoky)
2 Large French Shallots roughly chopped
50 Gr. Mushrooms
2 Tablespoons Butter
1 Tablespoon All purpose flour
2-3 Cups Red Wine – Of course, a Burgundy is preferable, but any Red wine will do just fine
1 Large Bay Leaf

The recipe is prepared in two steps, which can be coordinated quite easily. First, attend to the sauce by cooking the Lardons. In a medium size saucepan cook the lardons at medium-low heat giving a chance to the meat pieces to render its fat.

Once brown on all sides, remove the lardons and set aside. Discard the fat and using the same saucepan, melt the butter and cook the shallots until they become translucent. You can also add the mushrooms and cook them until brown on all sides.
Add the lardons back and pour the flour and mix well. Cook the flour mixture for a minute.
Using a whisk, slowly pour the red wine, making sure the sauce is lump-free.
Add the bay leaf and cook for about 10 minutes. The sauce should be easy to pour, but still have some thickness to it.
Salt & Pepper

You can poach the eggs the traditional way; in simmering water and vinegar, but if I have a large group, you can cook the eggs in a muffin tin, with great results.
Preheat the oven at 350 F (180 C)
Simply butter a muffin tin and put a tablespoon of water in each section.
Crack an egg in each one and place in the oven for 8-10 minutes. (if you like your eggs runny; 8 minutes should suffice)
I use a large spoon to remove the eggs and work rapidly as you do not want the eggs to continue to cook in the pan.
Place a good spoonful of sauce on each plate and cover with two eggs. Sprinkle some salt & Pepper and indulge.

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