Soft Rolls with Black Olive Tapenade

An impressive accompaniment to any dinner.

340 gr of all-purpose flour (3 cups)
7 gr. Instant Yeast (21 gr. of fresh yeast)
1 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
35 gr Sugar (3 Tablespoon)
57 gr. Butter (4 Tablespoon)
35 gr. Nonfat Dry Milk (1/4 cup)
43 gr. Potato Flour (1/4 cup)
255 gr. Lukewarm Water (1 1/8 Cup)
Small jar of Black Olive Tapenade

Combine all ingredients in a mixer and knead for approximately 10 minutes at medium speed.
Cover the mixing bowl of the mixer with Clinging film and let it rise
for 1 1/2 hour.
Deflate and using a rolling pin, create a rectangle measuring 30 X 38 CM.
Spread the olive mixture in a thin layer and roll into a log.
Cut the log in 16 pieces and place in a well butter cake pan. Sprinkle with Sea Salt.
Cover again for another 1 hour and bake in a preheated 180 Celsius oven, for 20 minutes or until golden brown –
The bread freezes very well –
To reheat, cover with aluminum foil and place in the oven for 180 Celsius for about 20 minutes.

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