Baguette according to Richard Bertinet

Inspired from Richard Bertinet’s Technique, you can make the dough in 20 minutes. The possibilities are endless.

450 gr. Bread flour (18 Ounces- 3 3/4 cups)
60 gr. Wholewheat Flour or Rye flour
10 gr. Fresh Yeast – 1/4 envelope active dry yeast
10 gr. Salt
355 gr. Lukewarm water

In a large bowl, combine the flour and the yeast. Rub the yeast into the flour with your fingertips. Add the salt and finally the water.
Mix everything by hand and once the dough starts to form, knead by hand using the Richard Bertinet Method – Slap & Fold.
Cover the bread for 1 hour using plastic film and shape the dough in a baguette shape.
Bake in a 275 Celsius preheated oven.

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