Chocolate & Coffee Truffles

The perfect last touch, to finish and dinner with elegance.
Easy to make, they freeze very well.

150 Gr. Dark Chocolate (use 70-75% dark cacao) Use the best quality you can find – it makes all the difference between a good and a great truffle.
150 Ml. of Double cream –
25 Gr. Butter
1 Teaspoon of Coffee Extract
1 Tablespoon Cognac / Brandy / Whiskey whatever you have
Cocoa Powder to cover the gold dark jewels.

In a small saucepan heat the double cream (do not use light 15% cream, it will not work… this is the time to splurge and not skimp on the fat) up to the boiling point.
In a separate bowl, place the chocolate cut in small pieces along with the butter you will have also cut in small pieces. Pour the hot cream and let the mixture rest for a few minutes, to give time for the chocolate to melt. Pour the Cognac and Coffee essence. Mix well.
When cooled, place the bowl covered with cling film and let rest overnight or for a few hours, in the fridge, until the mixture has solidified.
Using a teaspoon which gives you a good size truffle, place them on a plate covered with cocoa powder and roll them until covered.
I use plastic gloves as it can get quite messy.
Place them in the fridge and take them out an hour before serving.

You can roll them in White powder sugar, coconut or you can dip them in chocolate for a wow effect.
You can also substitute the coffee essence with a pure vanilla essence for equally wonderful results.

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