Mostarda Di Fichi Fig Mustard

A wonderful condiment you often find in Northern Italy. In this instance, I used Figs, but you can use pears, which is also very popular. Either one, make a perfect complement to any cheese.

500 Gr. Fresh figs cut in small bite pieces
150 Gr. Dried Raisins
150 Gr. Dried Cranberries
1 Glass of dry White wine
200 Gr. Brown Sugar
10 – 12 drops of Mustard Essence


Simply put all the ingredients in a heavy base saucepan and cook at low heath and stir constantly to ensure the fruits do not stick to the bottom of the pan. The mixture will become quite thick, yet still runny. The liquid should almost be evaporated.

At the end of the cooking, pour about 10 drops of Mustard Essence.

Granted, not an easy ingredient to find, Mustard Seed Essence can be ordered in Italian Drogheria (pharmacy), especially in Northern Italy. The essence albeit quite difficult to find, will last forever.

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