Seasonal Fruits in Chocolate

Possibilities are endless. You can use whatever fruits are in season. On this occasion, we used fresh strawberries and banana dipped in chocolate. I don’t know anyone who can resist them at the end of a meal. Affordable elegance.

200 Gr. Melted chocolate – I use 70% cocoa bittersweet chocolate
10-12 Fresh Strawberries with the stems on
1 Large Banana cut in 4cm. thick

Simply put the chocolate cut in bite size pieces in a small bowl. Purists will defend that you should place over a bain-marie. I have tried both and honestly, for this small amount, I did not see any difference. Simply put the bowl in the microwave and using medium power, melt the chocolate for 2-3 minutes.
On a baking tray covered with parchment paper, dip every piece of fruit in chocolate ensuring all sides are covered. Place them on the tray.
Leave them in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Place them on paper cups and serve cold.
They are refreshing, just sweet enough and the perfect finish for an elegant dinner.

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