Zucchini & Jalapeno Cream

A feast in 15 minutes !


2 Large Zucchini cut in big piecesGem Squash
1 Large red onion, cut into quarters
1 Large Clove garlic roughly chopped
1 Knorr Chicken Bouillon concentrate
4-5 Slices of cured Jalapeno
Salt & Pepper to taste
Olive oil


Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil, until translucid
Add the Zucchini pieces and saute for a few minutes
Add the Jalapeno slices 
Add the chicken bouillon
Add water to cover the vegetables
Salt & Pepper
Boil the soup for 15 minutes, until the vegetables are tender
Using a blender or a hand unit, mix all vegetables until cream consistency.
Garnish with Parsley florets.

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